Monday 18. November 2019
About CEP

About CEP

Portal CEP is a part of the complex solution of information system ES CEP. Content management, maintenance andusage of IS CEP is governet by act No. 214/2014 Coll.

Portal CEP offers

  • -          public access with information for users,
  • -          public access with information for users related to preparation of customs related transaction,
  • -          authorized access zone with electronic service related to preparation of customs related transaction.


ES CEP is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Operational Programme for Informatisation of Society (OPIS)..

OPIS is one of the operational programmes authorised within the National Strategic Reference Framework for 2007 – 2013. The OPIS programme provides strategic support for all informatisation of society projects financed from structural funds. Within the Slovak Republic, these funds are spent in compliance with the overall strategy of the European Union to form a competitive, knowledge-based European economy based on innovation and knowledge. OPIS’s global objective is therefore to establish an inclusive information society oriented toward developing a high-performance, knowledge economy. For further information see or

European Regional Development Fund

The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) is one of the structural funds promoting social and economic cohesion within the European Union. The ERDF is an effective regional policy tool utilising the financial resources of the European Community with the primary aim of diminishing the economic and social asymmetries existing amongst the economically advanced and economically lagging regions of the European Union. The salient aim of the ERDF is to promote the removal of regional economic differences related to the level and extent of respective regional development, where disadvantaged regions find it particularly demanding to cope.