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Templates and Application Forms

This chapter presents a template application form and communication between a businessperson and a civil servant, excerpted from “Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights in Import, Export and Re-export” under “Submitted Requests for Action”. See picture 1 for further documentation of the process.

The process begins with a request form filed by a business (the documented example deals with a “Request for Domestic Market Action”). The form is subsequently validated by the business, providing all necessary conditions have been fulfilled, and passed to a civil servant, who receives notice of its arrival. The request is available to civil servants at their desks. Based on data in the request or additional information, it is handled by the civil servant and either an approval form (in this case, the Request for Measure Taking in the Domestic Market- Approval) or a rejection form (the Request for Domestic Market Action- Rejection), is completed and forwarded to the business once it has been validated. An approval/rejection notice is received by the business. The form for either approval or rejection can be made available to businessperson at the person’s desk. In the case of some applications, the process may continue with further communication to the specific administrative authority in a similar fashion as mentioned in this example.

Figure 1: Example of a submitted application and processing of it by a civil servant

The example uses application forms, decisions and rejections whose working versions are shown in the figures below.

Figure 2: Example of an application form (business application)

Figure 3: Example of an application form (business application)

Figure 4: Example of a rejection form (official response to a business application)